Simple tips for posing for your wedding photos

Your wedding photos are the permanent memory of the most important day of your life, so it’s only natural that you want them to be nothing less than perfect. Having worked with numerous happy couples prepare for their wedding days, there are a variety of tips and advice to help you pose naturally and look exceptional in your wedding photos.


Don’t stand perfectly still
If you find standing still for photographs to be slightly uncomfortable and awkward, you are in luck! The best wedding photographers will be able to capture the perfect moment in motion, great if you want lots of romantic and spontaneous moments captured on camera. Whether you’ve chosen a wedding photographer who specialises in photodocumentary or your photographer’s directing you through a romantic moment, talented wedding photographers will take a shot at the perfect time.


Look away from the camera
Once again, people who feel shy in front of a camera often feel great relief at this tip. When you have pictures of people looking directly at the camera, it can look very unnatural and staged. You may want a few group shots like this, but you’ll probably want the majority of your album to look ‘real’ and more casual. By not looking directly at the camera, your facial expressions are more likely to be authentic, and you’ll be less likely to adopt a pose. This leads to the photos having a far more original and natural look to them, and what’s better than the natural look of love between newlyweds?


Have photos taken when you’re smiling naturally
Often, when people smile specifically for a photograph, it doesn’t really look authentic and rarely reaches their eyes. As it’s your wedding day, we’re willing to bet that both of you are extremely happy, and it’s these moments that I capture as your wedding photographer.

Being photographed dancing, smiling and being with your friends and family, as well as with each other, gives your wedding an album a real personal touch and is far more likely to remind you of the favourite parts of your day.


Have photographs taken from different angles

Taking photographs just from the front at one angle will make your wedding photos look far more staged and posed than if you have photos taken from a variety of angles. The variety of angles will not only give your wedding album more of a narrative, it will show off just how lovely your dress is.



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